Tree Safety Management


Tree Safety Management 

fungal bracket
Will this fungal bracket render the tree unsafe?
broken tree branch
Was this foreseeable?

Tree Safety Management reports on land where pedestrian and/or vehicular access exists

OMC Associates survey trees and woods to assess their condition and whether any possible hazards exists. The surveys can be carried out at two levels of assessment but both levels provide clear recommendations of any tree work required to avert foreseeable risks. We are not tree surgeons and do not gain from recommending treework; skilled and appropriate insured tree work is costly and so we only recommend what is absolutely necessary.

Though it is thankfully rare, trees do fail and cause damage or harm. This is often as result of poor tree works or damaging groundworks that render trees unstable and vulnerable to severe weather. 

Owners of trees or estate managers have a duty of care to ensure their trees do not pose a danger. Professional, periodic inspections will address this and can reduce insurance premiums.

I placed an order with Chris Overbeke of OMC associates. Chris was extremely efficient - he carried out the inspection the following day and the report arrived within good time. His estimate and subsequent charge for the work was significantly lower than the other quote. Karen

fungal tree infection
Is this dangerous?
root damage
Windthrow due to root damage
Fistulina Sp
Fistulina Sp.
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