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Arboricultural reports to help with mortgages and insurance policies

tree by the house
Direct damage
tree causing damage to home
Nearby tree causing damage

Arboricultural reports for prospective house buyers

Those looking to secure a mortgage may find that lenders first require an arboricultural report from a recognised arboriculturalist before making the loan available. Due to the potential damage that nearby trees may cause to a property, it is essential to confirm the level of risk, and if necessary put plans in place to mitigate it.
OMC Associates is experienced in writing such reports, and able to respond quickly should the need arise. We aim to complete all arboricultural reports within 3 - 4 days. As the request for an arboricultural reports is often made in the later stages of purchase, it is essential that the survey and report is completed in a timely fashion, so as not to further delay the whole process.
Our reports include CAD plans, identify any current or short term potential tree related issues and recommend, where necessary, a suitable course of action.

From £220 + VAT. Fees subject to number of trees and site conditions.

I chose Christopher Overbeke of OMC Associates. He was excellent - quick and efficient. Would definitely use him again.
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Arboricultural reports to help with insurance claims

You may be asked to provide an arboricultural report renewing household insurance cover. The reports available from OMC Associates survey all relevant trees, produce scaled CAD drawings and identify any possible hazards or threats. Contact us today for further information.

From £220 + VAT. Fees subject to number of trees and site conditions.
infected tree
Is this dangerous?
Nearby tree causing no damage
Nearby tree causing no damage
Branch failure
Branch failure
Do you need an arboricultural report to renew your insurance claim or secure a mortgage in Cambridge or throughout the UK?
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