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No Dig Construction, Air Spading and Root Barriers

Air spading to facilitate construction near trees

Air spading is a state-of-the-art tool that allows excavation of soil around a tree's roots without causing damage. High pressure air exposes the root architecture and this enables a variety functions that may otherwise be prohibited. This includes:
  • Service runs can be installed through roots
  • Excellent alternative to machine/hand digging that consumes time and lack of precision
  • Proper root pruning can take place
  • One can establish whether or not construction, such as foundations in that area is possible
  • Removing compacted soil in this way (or injecting it with oxygen) and replacing with well-structured soil can allow for valuable trees to recover from historic damage
air spading
construction near trees
Air spading to facilitate construction near trees

I followed up with OMC Associates, Chris Overbeke. The work has been carried out very much to my satisfaction. Thank you.
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Abbasi, London NW7

''No-Dig'' Construction

Traditional methods require excavation to found roadways and paths. Such excavation within the root protection area of a tree can be prohibited or can lead to the decline and death of a tree. "No-Dig" surfaces are often conditioned with planning consents and OMC Associates is one of very few companies that can carry out the construction for you with the requisite arboricultural expertise. See the links at the bottom of this page for more information.
Find out more about the technical details of our work:
Root barriers
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Root barriers

A root barrier is a specially designed membrane entrenched underground by specialists to prevent roots from trees that have been implicated in structural damage from continuing to encroach upon the building. Their use can often be a highly attractive alternative to the loss of important trees.

Less frequently it can be used to prevent the spread of roots from highly invasive and damaging plants such as Japanese Knotweed.
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